Road to Little Boss is a practical project, which aims to be the starting point as a platform to encourage members to find their own dreams. The project provides an opportunity for local youth to learn and experience the highs and lows of becoming entrepreneurs through classroom training.

Application Form

Participants are expected to attend classroom lectures which aim to teach them the skills required to formulate their business ideas, draft business plans, sales presentation and good managerial skills.

At the second stage, participants are then expected to put their knowledge to use by competing in a business plan drafting competition, whereby the winning team will collect total Winning prize of HKD8,000.

The most value for participants are that, their proposal will be comment by experienced business man and professional advices will also be granted, at the same time, it is also a valuable chance for participants to utilize their talents in the business world.

Program Structure

Road to Little Boss provides practical opportunities for young adults to gain entrepreneurial experience in brainstorming, planning and presenting their business ideas.

Experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals will comment their business proposals; advices will also be granted from various perspectives, participants will have a chance to present their ideas to leaders from different industries. Therefore, it will be valuable for participants to gain insights before they put their business ideas into the real world.

Target Audience:
  • Age 18 or above (focused on young adults)
  • Students from different Universities in Hong Kong
  • Junior Chamber International 1800 members in JCI Hong Kong
The competition is divided into three phases:
  • 1-Day Seminar Workshop
  • Business Proposal Submission
  • Final Presentation Day

Phase I - Seminar Workshop

In the seminar workshop, we have invited a number of well-known entrepreneurs from different industries such as Advertising, Gift & Premium Trading, and Mobile Application as guest speakers. The guest speakers would share their stories and key elements on their businesses success stories. Participants would learn about the knowledge of business management, they would also explore into specific insights within the industries. Notably, business skills such as formulation of business idea, elements of drafting a successful business plan and presentation skills could be learnt.

  • Participants are expected to attend a one day seminar with workshops which aims to share with the participants the skills required to formulate their business ideas, business plan development, managerial and presentation skills.
  • Must-know tactics in brainstorming business ideas, handling budgeting problems & managing costs effectively.

Date: 22 – 08 - 2015

Time: 14:00 - 18:00

City University of Hong Kong LT10, 4/F, AC1, City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong.

Registration Fee for Seminar Workshop: Free of charge

Deadline for registration of the Workshops:
As seats are limited, we will send email confirmation as to reserve your seats.

Guest Speakers

Chris Chan
COO of E-Print /
Founder of e-banner

Eric Tang
CEO of Four Directions
9859 1902

Mr. Kenneth Leung
Managing Director of
Emori Products Company Limited.

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At the second phase of Road to Little Boss, participants are then expected to put their knowledge to use by competing in a business plan drafting competition, whereby the winning team would be awarded prizes to help with their business startup.

After the Seminar Workshop, participants are required to submit 1 page of Business Executive Summery with their project names, number of team members and their names in standard format (see Competition Rules for more detail) and submit it to Road to Little Boss Organizing Committee with the registration fee of HK$500 on or before 30 – 08 – 2015.

Participants also need to write their proposal in standard format (see Competition Rules for more detail) and submit it to Road to Little Boss Organizing Committee on or before 13 - 09 - 2015 by email Or by postage to JCI Hong Kong office. 21/F., Seaview Commercial Building, 21-24 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong. The finalists will be noticed via email and phone call by September 25th 2015

Rules for Business Proposal submission format

  • A4 Paper, under 10 pages including 1 page of Business Executive Summery
  • No more than 3000 words
  • 1.5 spacing
  • Font size: 12 Times New Roman or 新細明體
  • Can be written in English or Chinese
  • Must be generated in Word Document
  • Must be an original business plan and is not a developed or running business

Competition Rules

  • Competition is limit to 8 teams.
  • Each successful submission will receive a confirmation email from our registration office.
  • For those who are not accepted by our organizing team due to full capacity, your registration fee will be refunded.
  • Each shortlisted team will be given a maximum 8 minutes to present their proposal to the panel on the Power Presentation Day.
  • Maximum 8 teams will be selected for Final Presentation on 10 – 10 – 2015
  • A panel of judges formed by professionals and experienced Entrepreneur will give comments based on the following three main criteria:
    1. Creativity
    2. Performance
    3. Market Potential

Phrase III - Final Presentation

On the Final Presentation Day, shortlisted finalists will have 15-20 minutes presentation to exercise their knowledge and have an opportunity to propose their business plan in front of a panel of judges. Feedback and comments will be given after each business proposal presentation. Various awards will be given to the participants.

Presentation is a crucial element in gaining support and resources for start up business with brilliant ideas. Selling you idea is just as important as planning your business. The finalist will have the opportunity to present their ideas on stage, and persuade the judges that theirs business ideas are the best among the groups.

Final Presentation Date: 10 – 10 – 2015

Time: 14:00 - 18:00

Venue: TBD

Fee: $500 for each team (HKD 500 will be fully refunded for those who are NOT shortlisted to the Final Presentation Day)

Judges List


Bamboo Health Care Holdings Limited.

Jacky Kwan

Flyer King Limited.

Ray Wong

Young Entrepreneurs Warriors

Phoenix Wan

Four Directions

Director - Eric Tang

Emori Products Company Limited.

Managing Director - Mr. Kenneth Leung

1. Champion (冠軍)

2. The Most Creative Proposal Award (最具創意獎)

3. Best Performance Award (最佳表現獎)

4. Best Market Potential Award (最具市場潛力獎)

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